Website Posting Guidelines

The guidelines below are intended to provide assistance to the Editor-in-Chief of the Una Sancta magazine when selecting articles for publishing on the Una Sancta website. The final decision on the inclusion or exclusion of any article remains with the EIC.

It is expected that a number of articles (2-4) from each Una Sancta magazine will be published on the Una Sancta website. In general, articles selected for online publishing should:

  • Be of a general nature.
  • Likely to be helpful to a broader audience.
  • Not contain personal information.
  • Not be time-bound.

For example, meditations, articles on contemporary issues, and book reviews are likely to be good candidates for publishing on the website. From the churches, a recount of a church event, or a Eucalypt article are likely to be best left off the website.

The expectation is that authors will be made aware that, future articles may be included on the Una Sancta website. If an author wishes to opt out of this, then their wishes should be respected.

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